Upcoming Seminars & Exhibitions 2018

Previous Seminars & Exhibitions

Automechanika Frankfurt - 11-15 September 2018


Thanks to everyone who attended Automechanika Frankfurt and all who visited our stand.


Frankfurt Automechanika 2018


Frankfurt Automechanika 2018

ReMaTec 2017 - 18-20 June 2017


ReMaTec 2017

Thanks to all the organisers and all those who attended this years ReMaTec.


Automechanika Mexico - 14-16 June 2017


Automechanika Mexico 2017

Thank you to everyone who visited Joe on our stand at Automechanika Mexico.


Automechanika Birmingham - 6-8 June 2017


Automechanika Birmingham 2017

Thanks to all who came to Automechanika Birmingham and visited our booth.


Automechanika Shanghai - 30 November - 3 December 2016


Automechanika Shanghai 2016

Many thanks to all who attended Automechanika Shanghai. It was good to meet new and existing customers.


Powertrain EXPO - 27-30 October 2016


Powertrain EXPO 2016

Thank you to all who visited our stand at Powertrain EXPO in Las Vegas.


Automechanika Frankfurt - 13-17 September 2016


Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

Thank you to all who visited our stand at Automechanika Frankfurt.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2016


Automechanika Birmingham - 7-9 June 2016


Automechanika Birmingham

Thank you to all who attended Automechanika Birmingham and visited our stand.


PAACE Automechanika, Mexico - 13-15 April 2016


PAACE Automechanika, Mexico

Thank you to everyone that visited our stand and seminar at the PAACE Automechanika exhibition in Mexico.


AAITF Shenzhen, China - 26-28 February 2016


AAITF Shenzhen, China

Sussex Auto Parts exhibited at the AAITF Shenzhen in China.

Thank you to all who visited us on the SMMT UK Pavilion, and to everyone that attended our seminar.


AAITF Bangkok 2015 - 9-11 December 2015


AAITF Bangkok 2015

AAITF showcases innovative products in the Automotive Aftermarket, specialising in modification, accessories, multimedia and tuning & performance.


Powertrain EXPO, Las Vegas, USA -October 29-1 November 2015


Powertrain EXPO USA 2015

Our Booth at Powertrain EXPO, USA 2015

Powertrain EXPO is the largest gathering of transmission professionals in the world.


Mexico Seminar 2015 - July 2015


Mexico Seminar 2015

Sussex Autos Seminar in Mexico

Mexico Seminar 2015


PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015 - 15-17 July 2015


PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015

Sussex Autos stand at PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015

PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015

Automechanika Mexico is the meeting point for industry professionals looking for new suppliers and information about up-to-date technology.

PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015

The trade show has more than 500 exhibitors from around the world.

PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015

ReMaTec 2015 - 14-16 June 2015


ReMaTec 2015
ReMaTec 2015

Sussex Autos booth at ReMaTec 2015

ReMaTec 2015


Automechanika Dubai 2015 - 2-4 June 2015


Automechanika Dubai 2015

Our stand at Automechanika Dubai 2015

Automechanika Dubai 2015 stand   Automechanika Dubai 2015 stand   Automechanika Dubai 2015 Blue Reach BlueReach Booth


Automechanika Shanghai - 9-12 December 2014


Automechanika Shanghai 2014

Sussex Auto Parts booth at Automechanika Shanghai 2014.


Powertrain EXPO - 30 October-2 November 2014


Powertrain EXPO - Las Vegas

Sussex Auto Parts exhibited at the Powertrain EXPO in Las Vegas.

ATRA's Powertrain EXPO is the largest gathering of transmission professionals in the world.

Thanks to all who attended.


South Africa Automotive Week - 13-17 October 2014


South Africa Automotive Week

Sussex Autos attended the South Africa Automotive Week along with Hydra-Test from the UK

Thank you to all who went and visted us!


Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 - 16-20 September 2014


Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

Sussex Autos travelled to Germany for Automechanika Frankfurt.

Automechanika Frankfurt features companies and Automotive products from around the world.

We hope all who attended had a good time!


Transparts Seminar 2014


Transparts Seminar 2014, Moscow

The 2014 Transparts seminar, held just outside Moscow, was its 10th anniversary.

More than 130 participants attended from all over Russia and the Ukraine.

Speakers from the UK, USA, Germany, Russia and Japan made it possibly the most successful yet!

PAACE Automechanika Mexico - 16-18 July 2014


PAACE Automechanika, Mexico

Sussex Autos attended a busy PAACE Automechanika Exhibition in Mexico on the 16th-18th July 2014.

The event drew thousands of attendees from the Automotive industry.

PAACE Automechanika, Mexico

Above are Joe and Coen in our Sussex Autos booth.

Automatic Transmission Seminar, Mexico - 17 July 2014


Automatic Transmission Parts Seminar, Mexico

Sussex Autos held a successful seminar in Mexico on the 17th July 2014.

The seminar speaker was Hector Cabera and subjects included CVT, VW09G and Valvebody & ECV Adaptions.

Automechanika Exhibition Dubai - 3-5 June 2014


Automechanika Dubai 2014

Sussex Auto Parts were in Dubai for the Automechanika Exhibition.

Automechanika Dubai

Our booth at Automechanika Dubai.

Fate Technical Seminar - 4-5 April 2014


Sussex Autos attended FATE's Technical Seminar and Exhibition in Walsall, UK.

FATE Exhibition

Above is Matt and Mike at our stand.

FATE Exhibition

Our stand at the FATE Exhibition.

FATE Exhibition

FATE Technical Seminar.

ATRA Powertrain EXPO - 19-22 September 2013


Sussex Autos exhibited at this years Powertrain EXPO in Washington DC, USA.

ATRA Powertrain EXPO

It was a pleasure to meet everyone who came to our stand.

ATRA Powertrain EXPO

Our booth at Powertrain EXPO.

ATRA Powertrain EXPO

The White House, Washington DC.

Auto Trans Tech Seminar, Moscow - 24-26 August 2013


Sussex Autos were at August's Auto Trans Tech Seminar in Moscow, on the 24th-26th.

Auto Trans Tech Seminar

From left to right: JP Singh, Tommy Harmon, Slava Bakalov, Robbie Ferguson, Bill Henney, Alan Smith, Wayne Colonnade.
In Front: Alan Gadd.

Auto Trans Tech Seminar

Demonstration of Torque Converter Rebuilding at Moscow Technical College.

ReMaTec, Amsterdam, Holland - 16-18 June 2013


Sussex Autos exhibited at this years ReMaTec and also held an Automatic Transmission Seminar on 16th-18th June 2013.

Rematec Exhibition

We hope all who attended our seminar found it informative.

Automec, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 16-20 April 2013


Automec, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sussex Auto Parts attended the Automec Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Automec has 1200 National and International Exhibitors from 31 countries.

Exhibition Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Above is the exhibition centre, Sao Paulo.

Cityscape, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Cityscape

Automechanika, Shanghai - 11-14 December 2012


Automechanika Shanghai

Sussex Auto Parts exhibited at the Automechanika Exhibition in Shanghai.

The attendance for the show was exceptional and we
would like to thank our customers who came to the show.

Above is our company's stand at Automechanika.

Welcome Dinner Automechanika

The welcome dinner for Automechanika, Shanghai.

Shanghai Cityscape

Shanghai Cityscape

Powertrain EXPO, Las Vegas - 27-29 October 2012


Powertrain EXPO

The 2012 Powertrain EXPO was held in Las Vegas, USA on the 27th-29th October.

Pictured above and below is the Sussex Auto's stand in Bally's Hotel.

Powertrain EXPO

We had a great time in Vegas and hope that everyone that visited the exhibition did the same!

Powertrain EXPO

Automechanika, Frankfurt - 11-16 September 2012



The Automechanika in Frankfurt was held on 11th-16th September and Sussex Autos were in attendance.

Pictured below is our stand at the exhibition.


Blue Reach GearTech Expo, Bournemouth - 7 September 2012


GearTech EXPO

The Bluereach Geartech EXPO, as sponsored by Sussex Auto Parts, was back this year in Bournemouth on September 7th & 8th.

We hope all who attended had a good time.

GearTech EXPO

Automechanika, Moscow Seminar - 28-29 August 2012


The Automechanika Exhibition was on 27th-30th August 2012 in the Expocentre fairgrounds in Moscow, Russia.

This event showcased a range of OE and Aftermarket components and accessories.

First Automatic Transmission Seminar, Inner Mongolia - August 2012


First Automatic Transmission Seminar

Pictured are the seminar delegates, along with Alan Gadd and Bill Henney

PAACE Automechanika, Mexico - 18-20 July 2012


Sussex Autos attended the PAACE Automechanika Exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico.

PAACE Automechanika, Mexico

Mexico and Central America's most important automotive trade show, PAACE Automechanika brings together thousands of people from the automotive industry.

It was a pleasure meeting our customers (both new and established) at this event and we hope you had a great time!

PAACE Automechanika, Mexico

Automechanika in Dubai, U.A.E. - 22-24 May 2012


Automechanika in Dubai, U.A.E.

Automechanika held their 10th Anniversary Exhibition on the 22-24 May 2012 in Dubai, U.A.E.

The exhibition featured over 1324 exhibitors from more than 55 countries.

It was another great opportunity for us to meet with customers and suppliers!

Automechanika in Dubai, U.A.E.

Above is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

It illustrates how Dubai is becoming one of the top countries in the world for future business!

FATE Seminar in Glasgow, Scotland - 12 May 2012


FATE in Glasgow, Scotland

On 12th May 2012 Rui and Matt, from Sussex Autos, attended the FATE Seminar in Glasgow, Scotland.

As usual, it was a pleasure meeting all our customers!

FATE in Glasgow, Scotland

APRA Symposium in Krakow, Poland - 24 April 2012


APRA in Krakow, Poland

Sussex Auto Parts attended the APRA Symposium on 24th April 2012 in Krakow, Poland.

APRA celebrated 25 years in Europe with this Symposium which attracted over 150 key individuals in the industry from all over the world.

APRA in Krakow, Poland

Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi, India - 7-11 January 2012


Auto Expo 2012 - New Delhi, India

The 11th Auto Expo 2012

Sussex Auto Parts attended India's Auto Expo which was held on 7th January 2012 - 11th January 2012.


The Exhibition was based in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi in India.


This year there was a special focus on Green Technologies and the Environment.


We hope all who attended the show had a good time.

ATRA Exhibition in Las Vegas - 29-31 October 2011


Sussex Auto Parts attended the ATRA Exhibition in the Las Vegas Hilton on the 29th to 31st October 2011.

ATRA in Las Vegas

Fremont Casino in Las Vegas

Moscow Seminar - 25-26 August 2011


The VII International Technical Seminar (Moscow, Russia), devoted to installation, repair and diagnostics of Automatic Transmissions took place on August 25th and 26th, 2011.

The seminar included explanations of diagnosing, repairing and servicing of vehicles equipped with AT.

The guest speakers were:-

  • Dr. William (Bill) Henney
  • Robbie Ferguson
  • Coen van Beek
  • Alan Smith
  • Mike DeFelice
Bill Henney Coen Van Beek


The Seminar's topics included:-

  • DPO
  • DSI
  • Jatco
  • JF010/JF011
  • CVT
  • E-Zee Shift
  • Alto Presentation

We hope you had a great time!

Amsterdam Seminar - 19 June 2011


Sussex Auto Parts held a very successful seminar in the RAI Centre, Amsterdam on 19th June 2011.

The speaker was Dr Bill Henney and topics discussed included DCT Transmissions, ZF8HP Series and the new GF6, amongst other topics.

A big thank you to our sponsors and to everyone who attended.

We hope you had a great time!

ReMatec Amsterdam 2011

Ukraine Seminar - 3-4 June 2011


The UTC in Odessa, Ukraine held another very successful seminar on the 3rd and 4th June.

Speakers were Dr William (Bill) Henney Ph.D, F.I.M.I. and Coen Van Beek, technical specialist and developer.